The app that allows you to save the moments that matter to you, share them with whoever you want and relive them whenever you want.

This is my life application


Capture your moments

With timlapp you can capture the moments of your life that you would like to remember, save them safely, share them with the people you choose and relive them whenever you want, easily accessing information, from any device and from anywhere.

Create your own episodes

Create your episodes easily and simply, add activities, upload photos, videos and notes and, if you want, invite others to participate.

Share or save just for you

Your privacy is very important. You decide what you share and with whom or if you keep your stories just for you.

Relive your episodes

With timlapp's search filters, you will easily find that photo, that video, that trip, ... so you can relive the emotions of that moment, whenever you want.

All the stories. An unique place. Timlapp

This is my life application