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Privacy and use policies

Timlapp is a registered trademark owned by TIMLAPP, S.L., with NIF B88037510, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in 2018, volume 37.327, folio 110, section 8 and sheet M-665655, inscription 1.


In order for you to use the application, it will be a mandatory requirement that you accept our use and privacy policies. During the registration process, as a new user, we provide you with access to these policies, so that you read and know them. These privacy and use policies may change. If so, we will inform you in a timely manner of the changes (via e-mail and / or from the application itself) and we will request your consent again. The current policies will always be accessible from the application.

The first time you use Timlapp we will ask for your permission to access the following:

What do we do with your information?

Your email is the unique identifier that differentiates you from other users of the application. It serves only this purpose and, together with the password you choose, will allow you access to Timlapp.

Your Alias ​​is the name with which those users of the application with whom you share episodes will know you.

The photograph you choose for your profile, facilitates your identification by other users.

We ask for your name and surname so that when it is necessary to contact you, we can do so in a personalized way.

Those users with whom you share episodes will be able to see your full name, your email and your nickname.

The rest of the information that we request in your account (country, region, city and currency), is the one that is shown by default when you create new episodes and activities, avoiding that you have to re-enter these data.

As for the information related to videos, photographs, audios and texts that you incorporate into the application, we will limit ourselves to saving it and showing it to you whenever you want, and sharing it only with those users that you decide.

The chat conversations you have with other users are only available to the members of each episode.

The global information that the set of users are contributing to the application helps us to obtain usage statistics that allow us to make improvements to the infrastructure, to optimize performance and include new functionalities.

Termination of service

The operation to delete your account is available in the "My account" section.

When deleting your Timlapp account, keep the following in mind:

Disclosure to third parties

TIMLAPP S.L., does not share its users' data with third parties, neither for commercial purposes nor of any other kind.

Application’s cost

Downloading the application from the Apple Store and Google Play Store portals is free. In order to use it, you will need to register as a user ("create account" process). Once you are registered, we will assign you 100BM of space, free of charge, for you to use the application, without any functionality restrictions.

If you decide to expand space, you will find an operation for this purpose in the app for Apple and Android devices. It is not possible to perform data extensions from the web application. The rates are available in the application, in the section "Data extensions". Each extension you make will have a cost, which will be charged at that time, through the Apple or Google platforms, as appropriate.

From that moment on, we will charge you a usage fee annually, equal to the amount of the extension you made. Successive extensions will increase the annual subscription fee.

In the "Data extensions" section you will be able to see the history of all the data extensions that you have made and the date of the renewal of the service, along with the amount that we will charge you.

Payment will always be made through the Apple and Google platforms.

Non-payment of the annual subscription will mean the cancellation of access to the app and the elimination of all the content provided.

Where do we keep the information?

The technological infrastructure used by TIMLAPP S.L. to provide the service offered by Timlapp is subcontracted to collaborating companies, sufficiently accredited in the sector to provide these services.

All the information you upload to Timlapp is stored in our “cloud”.

This way, you won't have to worry if you change devices. You will only have to reinstall the app and re-enter with your username / password.

In addition, from the web application, you will always have access to your content, wherever you are.

Data security

Our commitment to data protection is paramount. For this reason, we follow the standards most recommended by the industry in terms of physical and logical security (encryption of communications and data, firewalls, etc.) and we are constantly vigilant against possible vulnerabilities and improvements, with monitoring mechanisms and control.

Both the development team and the ASPL infrastructure support team have state-of-the-art tools and professionals trained in the latest technologies and constantly updated.

In addition, as a sign of identity of the application, you decide if the information you upload to Timlapp you want to share with other users or you want it to be only available to you, being able to revoke this sharing at any time.


Currently, there are no links to other websites outside Timlapp, but it is planned to incorporate links to the most popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube). These links will only take you to Timlapp ’s own profiles (never third-party ones), where you can find interesting information (tutorials, notes, etc.) so that you can get more out of the application. When it is ready, we will inform you and, if necessary, we will ask for your consent again.

Update your personal data

If you want to modify your personal data, you can do it from the application. We do not store more information about you than those indicated there.

Changes to these use and privacy policies

We reserve the right to modify these privacy and use policies at any time. We will inform you (by e-mail and / or from the application itself) whenever this is the case, and we will request your consent again, if necessary.


Timlapp does not use cookies. It is possible that, in the future, we will incorporate those of Google Analytics (or similar), as a monitoring tool to obtain statistics on the use of the application, which will help us to review the support infrastructure and improve performance. If so, we will notify you in advance and, if necessary, we will request your consent for both these Google Analytics cookies and for any other type.

Questions and contact information

In the "Frequently Asked Questions" section you can find answers to many of your questions. If not, or if you have any complaints or suggestions, you can contact to info@timlapp.com.